I must share something.  Something amazing, something science fiction.

Dominos Pizza is now providing… REAL TIME PIZZA TRACKING.

After placing your order online, you are given the option to go visit the Pizza Tracker, complete with status bar that updates in real time as the various stages of your pizza’s journey are completed.

This is so extraordinary, I don’t think I can express my feelings with text… Captain Jean-Luc Picard, would you be so kind?

for fuck's sake...

So the US Navy test-fired their railgun today…

The project is to create a ship-mounted railgun that can fire a projectile over 200 nautical miles with precision.  The pure aluminum slug was fired with ten megajoules of energy, part of its casing vaporizing on launch.  No explosives were involved in the test.  Pretty cool, but I’ve got one better.

The weapon of the future?  Nuclear-powered ballistic catapults.  The Catapults would be nailed to the decks of ships, powered by nuclear reactors and capable of launching ICBRs anywhere in the world.  That is to say, Intercontinental Ballistic Rocks.  They will rain boulders upon enemies with laser precision.  The MIRV Trebuchet is still under wraps, but promises to be even more amazing.

You’re welcome.

The United Federation of Sociopaths

Perhaps the most important special interest group this election cycle is that shadowy cadre of boisterous buffoons that have once again pissed all over FOX News’ dastardly dog curtains. Anonymous is in the news again, from the same station that brought us those classic hits “Bought a Dog”, “Hackers on Steroids”, “Internet Hate Machine”, “Corruption of LOL” and of course the exploding yellow van. I’m just wondering when MyFoxLA will report on something substantive, like children using calculators in grammar school to spell out “BOOB”, or dare I say, perform the “BOOBLESS” joke itself!

Surely, Ebaums will pay this time! Video after the jump Continue reading

I’m doing this harder than I have ever done before…


The more I write about lewd things in political or social, or philosophical context, the more hits I get.


I love you guys…

Goodnight, sweet prince…

good night, sweet prince…

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