Platform Agnostic

There’s a particularly interesting term thrown around by people in the industry. The definition given is someone who owns all the consoles, or is otherwise not biased in any one direction.

From a linguistic perspective, though, it sounds as though it is someone who is uncertain as to the existence of consoles. Less literally, and likely what the originator was going for, it would mean one who can’t decide what the best system is.

It’s a console war term, and for all the absurdity of the console wars, they do exist in a way. The three-way mudfight that it consists of, however, is not best suited by religious metaphor.

No, that’s the domain of politics.

In politics, each side of an issue, equally unmovable in their resolve, will debate until the discourse degenerates into “No fuck you!” “No, fuck YOU!” ad infinitum. The console wars are the same, just accelerated by the miracle of the internet, so it reaches the destination a lot quicker.

A better term would be a platform independent, someone who chooses the best console for them at the time.

After all, religious debates historically end when one side kills the other. Political ones usually stop at cane fights.