Tears in the rain.

Blade Runner is the greatest film ever.

An unpopular statement, to be sure, there are so many more brilliant films, Metropolis, Citizen Kane, 2001. For sheer visual artistry, I cannot find one that matches Blade Runner, a film so stunningly ahead of its time that few could dream of matching it before 2017, the date in which it is set.

Just ten years away, in fact.

The film is twenty-five years old.

Sure there are better stories, and better performances to be had, but no film as deep, and vital, from its music, to lighting, and cinematography. Perhaps no words are fit to praise Rutger Hauer’s climactic monologue, a delivery that even Philip K. Dick himself would never have dreamed of.

The raw emotion wrenched from Roy Batty’s very last words, pure poetry.

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