The Washington Foreskins!

While the Washington Redskins get more shit than they deserve, despite their perennial-doormat reputation, I love them nonetheless.

It may be the masochist in me.

It may also be the endearing quality to their players, in the wake of star safety Sean Taylor’s tragic death, the Redskins have won four straight, with a new quarterback, healthy players, and good humor to boot.

Clinton Portis, together with Santana Moss who both played with Taylor at the University of Miami have been instrumental in bringing the team together, and bringing me, usually an aloof sports fan into the ranks of viewers.

“Once we got our angel situated up in Heaven, it gave us all the strength in the world.” said Portis following their win against former-wildcard favorites the Minnesota Vikings.  Washington is now in the playoffs, having recently left rival Dallas’ asshole in ruins.

What gives me the best feeling about the ‘Skins is the fact that Clinton Portis has resumed making some truly awesome public jokes about Santana Moss’  recent, erm, circumcision.

“Now that he has gotten over his circumcision, he’s doing a lot better.. You can tell by the way he is running.”

Ladies & Gentlemen, the Washington Foreskins!