Ye gone smell-blind, honey!

I recently had the pleasure of seeing John C. Reilly’s defining role as the legendary (fake) Dewey Cox in “Walk Hard”.

It sure isn’t the smartest parody around, but it is smarter than it gets credit for.  A lot of the jokes are clear over the heads of their audience.  Those who know me will know that I find dumb humor to be a fun diversion, and truly well-done dumb humor is probably the most difficult sort to write, period.  I heartily endorse the film.

Without spoiling much, early in the film Dewey goes Smell-blind, loses his sense of smell.  The parody is brilliant, but what made me laugh most about it is that I am actually smell-blind myself.  Several years ago, for an indeterminate reason I lost my sense of smell, the only time it has ever reactivated in any way was when I smoked pot and suddenly I could smell a cheeseburger my friend was eating.

So next time you advise someone to stop and smell the roses, be careful, they might very well be smell-blind.


The Best Joke In The World.

How do you find a blind man in a nudist colony?

It isn’t hard.