I was right.

Well, I’m projected as right.

Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee are the clear winners of the Iowa Caucuses, however some of my other predictions are in a bit of murk right now.

John Edwards has come in second, beating Hillary Clinton by a narrow, though statistically significant margin.

McCain did not beat expectations, with roughly 12% of the vote, which still isn’t bad. However, his buddy Fred Thompson did beat expectations with a surprisingly strong third-place finish.

Clearly this is a sign of my predictive aptitude, general intelligence, star power, virility, penile size, and overall cocksmanship.

Commence lust, ladies. (Edit:  I should be clear, the lust is meant to be for me, not Barry or Teh Huckbeez.  Natch.)


The Chaos Fold’s US Primary Endorsements

Ever since being endorsed by the Wall Street Journal I’ve felt a profound need to enlighten my readership (all ten of you) as to the political ramifications of yesterday’s Iowa Caucuses, and why everything I think is right and you should totes vote the way I tell you.

This is quickly shaping up to be the election of change, and its easy to see why.  Barack Obama, very much a post-racial, post-partisan candidate, has decisively prevailed in the Democratic caucus.  With his nearest rival, the “inevitable” Hillary Clinton coming in third place, the savage double-penetration of Obama and Edwards may have blunted what was left of her momentum.

Likewise, on the Republican side, a very non-traditional candidate has emerged victorious.  Mike “teh Huckbeez” Huckabee has defeated his big-spending rival Mittens Romney by nine percentage points, the same margin between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Huckabee, running as an actual Christian in a field of sleazy professional pols, has brought a surprisingly resonant message of progressive economic thinking along with socially-conservative values previously unheard of in the GOP.  With an honesty and genuine Christian compassion that seems absent in the Republican Party of late, his victory could serve as the first sign of a sea change in evangelical Christian voting.

Huckabee  and Obama have formed an odd sort of coalition-of-rivals, whose agreement is one based on the necessity of change.  Hyping each other, aiming at a mutually beneficial general election showdown, Huckabee and Obama, the change candidates, are The Chaos Fold’s picks for Republican and Democratic nominees in the 2008 Presidential Election.

Just don’t vote for Teh Huckbeez in the general, the godless liberal in me demands it.