The United Federation of Sociopaths

Perhaps the most important special interest group this election cycle is that shadowy cadre of boisterous buffoons that have once again pissed all over FOX News’ dastardly dog curtains. Anonymous is in the news again, from the same station that brought us those classic hits “Bought a Dog”, “Hackers on Steroids”, “Internet Hate Machine”, “Corruption of LOL” and of course the exploding yellow van. I’m just wondering when MyFoxLA will report on something substantive, like children using calculators in grammar school to spell out “BOOB”, or dare I say, perform the “BOOBLESS” joke itself!

Surely, Ebaums will pay this time! Video after the jump Continue reading


It warms my black little heart…

Many times when I look at the state of the world I see a lot to be down about.  War.  Genocide.  Political corruption.  Dangerous cults that profit on human despair.

I see a lot of people fighting back against those corruptions today.  Scientology is a topic I have long felt strong emotions about.  I see it destroying talent, destroying people, destroying minds.  I’m glad the fight’s begun.

Will they have the courage (or attention span) to see it through, though?