I Shine This Light For Boston

It has taken me a while to parse my feelings on yesterday’s tragedy in Boston, a city dear to my heart. A city of great friends, and joyous memories. And I find my answer in the words of great men, and the wisdom of a a geeky creed that has seen me through the collapse of my life in Washington D.C. and the battle with cancer that have tested me these past three years.

I hold with Theodore Parker, who was later paraphrased by many, most notably Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Barack Obama, that the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice. Because the world is getting better. It gets better slowly and there are always setbacks, but my hope for the world will not be snuffed out by any violence, any terror, any tyranny or injustice.

And that is why acts like this are ultimately futile, no matter how hard the cynical and hopeless try, no matter the violence and brutality of those of us who have gone astray, the hope of Humanity is an unquenchable flame, and it will see us through.

I shine this light for you, Boston.  I shine it from atop this mountain, I shine it for those whose courage drew them toward danger that they might help their fellow man.  I shine it for the wounded, persevering in the face of darkness.  I shine it for all those angered and grieving.  I shine it for those three who were lost. I shine it for those who are defiant in the face of fear.  I shine it for you, wherever you are, reading this, in the hope that its light might bring comfort and inspiration to you as it has to me.  My light is small, but it will never go out, for as the Blue Lanterns say, Hope Burns Bright.


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