Trout Mystery: Solved

Shortly after posting my first query into the nature of this fishy business (ouch) I received more messages from PetTrout.

MagicSwordKing: Who is this?
PetTrout: I am
PetTrout: Are you planning to circumnavigate the globe, too?
MSK: Yes
MSK: Who is this?
PetTrout: My real screen name is (redacted) without the xes
PetTrout: We've been trouted.
MSK: You're beginning to pique my interest.

I was curious.  I messaged the other, seemingly human screen name, now reasonably certain that the trout was in fact a bot of some sort.  The plot thickened when it was revealed to me that PetTrout operates with a companion bot, each one relaying messages to the other, keeping the true names hidden.  I was represented as ImplicitTrout in the previous conversation.

It is unknown whether the person I eventually contacted was a puppetmaster or merely another pawn in some automated game, however Wikipedia does in fact have the knowledge of this program that solves the case:

Simply put, they are AIM bots designed to instigate communication between total strangers.  Be aware of Trout.

Update: Thanks to reader Chris Garaffa for this tidbit:  If you reply to a trout with $optout you won’t be trouted again.



  1. Got a message today from a fellow named ThreeWayTrout. Same message as you, about trannies. Good to know I’m not alone.

  2. I got a message from “hellishtrout” this morning, asking “Are you planning to circumnavigate the globe.” This happened to me on Thursday night as well but I was leaving work for a 3-day weekend and didn’t think much of it.

    Thanks for posting what you found about this. I also did some research and learned that you can reply with:
    to have that account permanently ignored.

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