Hate to bring you down more, but…

I’d just like to echo something a good friend of mine had to say about the recent passing of Heath Ledger.

For all the people who are going on about it being a great tragedy, you’re half-right, by my reckoning.  It’s sad, and it is a great cultural loss, to be certain.  Think about the world, though.  Millions dead or displaced in Iraq.  Genocide in Darfur, Kenya in civil war, Somalia on the brink of regional war in the horn of Africa.  Pakistan is crumbling, Afghanistan is falling into anarchy.  The world is in a state of tragedy right now.  We have already lost countless minds and talents to indiscriminate violence all over the planet.  If the death of a celebrity, albeit a talented one is what it takes to realign your views on mortality, that’s fine.

You better make sure those views are wide enough to make a difference, though.


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