Unfinished Posts STILL waiting…

I’ve been enlisted for a computer job that will require about a week of hand-mangling manual labor, and not of the masturbatory variety.

Effectively I have to dissassemble five computers, swap their parts to optimize each one for its intended purpose, reassemble them all in custom chassis that I will have to modify significantly, install operating systems on all of them (Windows XP, Vista Ultimate, Vista Home Premium, Ubuntu Linux, and Mac OS 10.5 all in all), then get the media server box (the Vista Ultimate one) set up to pipe content to the super-duper Media center box (the Home Premium one, which also has HD-DVD and BD-ROM drives, which adds to the configuration hassle).

I also need the mac to be able to access the media stored on the Vista ultimate box.

And the XP box needs to be a secure workstation.

And the Ubuntu box is a massive firewall/router.

I’ll see you all when I can sit down at a computer for more than ten minutes without having a fucking conniption.


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