I was right.

Well, I’m projected as right.

Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee are the clear winners of the Iowa Caucuses, however some of my other predictions are in a bit of murk right now.

John Edwards has come in second, beating Hillary Clinton by a narrow, though statistically significant margin.

McCain did not beat expectations, with roughly 12% of the vote, which still isn’t bad. However, his buddy Fred Thompson did beat expectations with a surprisingly strong third-place finish.

Clearly this is a sign of my predictive aptitude, general intelligence, star power, virility, penile size, and overall cocksmanship.

Commence lust, ladies. (Edit:  I should be clear, the lust is meant to be for me, not Barry or Teh Huckbeez.  Natch.)



  1. “Cocksmanship” really cracked me up.

    I believe in the film “Network”, Peter Finch tells Faye Dunaway that she has “impugned his cocksmanship”.

    BTW – “Lust” for candidates? I’m not feelin’ any mojo from any of these people, and I don’t trust them. But I’d say that Obama’s move to the front in Iowa is really fine on its own. Just knowing that he is on top for this first run. And he can string a sentence about 20 times better than the shrub? Nice.

  2. To be specific the lust is for me, not the candidates.

    I should probably correct that in my post, and you are indeed correct, “impugned my cocksmanship” is one of the more memorable bits from Network.

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