In case anyone thought I was lying…

Pics or it didn’t happen…

WSJ Link

-From the WordPress control panel’s Blog Stats pane.

WSJ Link Two

-From the Wall Street Journal’s website itself.

Also; what does everyone think of my new logo/theme?  Personally I love it, but I welcome criticism in all forms (to the guy who actually made the theme, of course, logo’s all me, though.).



  1. WSJ uses Sphere for related blog content, which is cool beyond measure. They’ve linked to me as well in the past.

  2. coming from a metal head…dude….your layout is totally brutal…also hail lucifer

  3. @jpmolan

    I noticed that, indeed, mainly I’m just tckled by the timing of the link. I was honestly surprised to find the WSJ to use such a modern system.

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