I’m doing this harder than I have ever done before…


My State of the Union Experience.

I had planned to catch Bush’s final State of the Union address tonight, perhaps celebrate the fact that the miserable fuck won’t be able to pinch another one out of his ulcered asshole, when I turned it on I heard the following phrase:

“ethical medical research”

Then I rolled my eyes, said “Oh for fuck’s sake” and turned it off.

Turns out my bullshit tolerance was exactly three words deep at this point.  I gotta get out of this city.

Chan Marshall Owns My Ass

So my unusual silence here could best be described as audio-derived.

Not only have I bought and installed new stereos and MP3 players, I’ve been listening to Cat Power’s Jukebox on repeat since it came out, and the verdict is in.

Chan Marshall Owns My Ass.

There’s only one original song on the album, Song for Bobby, a  sultry love-letter to Dylan that must have the man listening intently.  Being an avid fan of Dusty Springfield, and the great soul singers of the past, her voice kills me.

Give me more.  Now.

It warms my black little heart…

Many times when I look at the state of the world I see a lot to be down about.  War.  Genocide.  Political corruption.  Dangerous cults that profit on human despair.

I see a lot of people fighting back against those corruptions today.  Scientology is a topic I have long felt strong emotions about.  I see it destroying talent, destroying people, destroying minds.  I’m glad the fight’s begun.

Will they have the courage (or attention span) to see it through, though?

Those last two posts were too serious Pt. 2: Electric Boogaloo

You know what the best word in the English Language is?


Goodnight, everybody!

Hate to bring you down more, but…

I’d just like to echo something a good friend of mine had to say about the recent passing of Heath Ledger.

For all the people who are going on about it being a great tragedy, you’re half-right, by my reckoning.  It’s sad, and it is a great cultural loss, to be certain.  Think about the world, though.  Millions dead or displaced in Iraq.  Genocide in Darfur, Kenya in civil war, Somalia on the brink of regional war in the horn of Africa.  Pakistan is crumbling, Afghanistan is falling into anarchy.  The world is in a state of tragedy right now.  We have already lost countless minds and talents to indiscriminate violence all over the planet.  If the death of a celebrity, albeit a talented one is what it takes to realign your views on mortality, that’s fine.

You better make sure those views are wide enough to make a difference, though.

Heath Ledger 1979-2008

I woke up this morning to talk with a friend about a big project I’m going to be contributing to, when my dad tells me the news.

Heath Ledger died.

For someone normally full of grandiose terms I’m at a loss.  I’ve always thought that Heath Ledger was to be one of the great talents of our time, an actor whose work would be revered long after his death, which I’m sure will still be true.  To die at such a young age, with such a career, such a talent, and such possibilities in front of you, is beyond tragic.

It would seem, perhaps, that his final role will be that of The Joker, in The Dark Knight.  I knew from the start he’d be perfect for the role, but the role is not perfect for his last.  Great actors are supposed to have their grand final shows, defining points in cinema that close the cover on massive tomes of accomplishment.  Like so many artists lost before their time, River Phoenix, Jeff Buckley, and so on, all I can feel is an emptiness in the future.  A void where this man wins oscars, moves audiences to tears, transforms into every shape and flavor of man before our eyes.  Perhaps I’m making too much of it, but the world has lost a talent today.

No, a talent was stolen from the world today.

Stolen.   And there’s no way we can steal it back.