Infuriating “Civilized” Behavior

As any person with a suite of neuroses will tell you, often times the easiest thing for the common man will be to ignore you. It’s not a bad thing, mind you, I’ve got more than my share of mental issues and I get along just fine if people who don’t understand don’t bother me. It’s also understandable, as not even modern medicine actually knows what causes these things, making psychology an imprecise science to say the least.

In the wake of certain defective humans, though, it would seem that some people have found a “better” way to deal with the depressed, stressed, and anxious.

Since the Virginia Tech shootings I’ve maintained that Cho was as much a victim as those he killed. Evil to the core, to be sure, but no one is born that way. This was a child who was warped by an upbringing that demanded too much of him and taught him to be ashamed of what he was, which is a very sick individual.

In the aftermath of that, though, it would seem that some colleges are starting to throw out “problematic” students fearing another massacre.

As if it wasn’t infuriating enough that the U.S. government denies medical benefits to tens of thousands of veterans on the basis of “pre-existing personality disorders”, academia has to join the ignorance parade all in the name of safety.

If someone is born a diabetic, you don’t put them in a diabetic holding pen for life. If someone has AIDS, you don’t seal them in a bubble lest they spread their pox. Mental illness is no different, in that there is no cure. None. It is a sort of cancer on the mind, one that no one can cure with a pill or a hospital visit, but with time they learn to live with it, operate with it, become a functional member of society. Most of the time these people are already phenomenally self-conscious of their impairment and afraid for their future. The ignorant and reactionary policy of forcing students on leave due to their legitimate problems will never be the right thing to do.

I would have expected better of places of learning.


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