I’m beginning to think that my generation has gotten the shaft.

The boomers were often maligned for being self-centered and arrogant, which in many cases I can agree with. However, the boomers also gave birth to Rock & Roll, drove the civil rights movement, and ended the Vietnam war. With such a vital force at their disposal, they were of course the perfect people to break the spirits of the next generation before they could challenge their rule.

Here’s an example; my two best friends believe the government of the United States is irrevocably broken, and the only solution is violent revolution. I don’t hold to that, myself, but it speaks to the sort of pessimism that afflicts us.

In my observation, I’ve noticed two types of people my age. There’s the intelligent depressive, who has the brains and the guts to bring about real change, but is so depressed by their seeming inability to do so that they no longer try. Then, there’s the brainwashed slob, the person who votes Bush because “he’s cute!” and idolizes Paris Hilton because she’s dumb and rich.

Those are both based on people I do know, so I’m not just stereotyping women, there. In fact, women are more likely to fall into the former category, men have a much easier time subscribing to a side of most divisive issues.

Iraq: We can’t pull out! That doesn’t sound manly at all, we gotta leave it in there and get the job done!

Abortion: It’s wrong! Mainly because I have womb envy!

Homosexuality: It’s evil because men hitting on me creeps me out!

Even though I’m painting a very one-sided view of things, my personal opinion is that in any functional society there are two roughly equal masses of loud, screaming idiots on the far sides of any issue, who scream loudly enough to display to the more reasonable and intelligent people in between how inherently ridiculous their perspectives are. Then, popular opinion settles on the best solution, as it is rarely what any winger will talk about.

I suppose I’m a victim of that pessimism, too, at times. I live in the nation’s capital, which amplifies all issues of a political nature to a deafening roar. At times I want to emigrate, simply so I don’t have to deal with it anymore.

Problem is I love my country, and it pisses me off at how the elder generation has made that into an issue, and not a virtue.


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